CUPS 1.1.8 repeats jobs continuously with printserver DN-11002

ekkard gerlach jack at
Tue Jan 25 06:45:58 PST 2005

The 8-switch and printserver (Parallelport) DN-11002 (Digitus)
demands CUPS 1.1.8 (Suse8.2) to repeat printer jobs > 15 pages.
Sometimes the CUPS queue shows the job twice. The print server seems to 
tell CUPS to requeue - and CUPS does it!
Other print server DP 101P+  (D-Link) works fine.
The problem appears with HP laser III and Kyocera 1020D but not with 
Kyocera 680.
Where could be the problem? Cheap Digitus hardware? Buggy CUPS?

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