[cups.general] Trying to track down a socket problem

Jason Baker jason.baker at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 15:43:05 PST 2005

Hi all,

I'm trying to track down the source of a problem with a printer
connected to an older JetDirect EX3 (3 parallel ports, one 10baseT

The symptoms from the CUPS side are that a user prints a large file
(10MB is enough to kill it), and the printer will go into "Stopped" on
the CUPS interface.  Nothing appears to be logged in the cups
error_log, even under debug.  As soon as a user hits "Start printer",
the job will proceed.

The printer is an HP cp1700 color inkjet.

CUPS is installed as part of Mandrake 10.1, and is running version 1.1.21.

CUPS is configured to use:
<Printer cp1700>
Info HP Colour Inkjet CP 1700
Location Jet Direct Port:9102
DeviceURI socket://
State Idle
Accepting Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0

A log snippet from a point of failure is:
 [25/Jan/2005:14:55:41 -0800] StartJob: backend = "/usr/lib/cups/backend/socket"
D [25/Jan/2005:14:55:41 -0800] StartJob: filterfds[0] = [ -1 16 ]
D [25/Jan/2005:14:55:41 -0800]
start_process("/usr/lib/cups/backend/socket", 0xbffec1d0, 0xbffeb540,
15, 16, 14)
I [25/Jan/2005:14:55:41 -0800] Started backend
/usr/lib/cups/backend/socket (PID 18108) for job 1185.
D [25/Jan/2005:14:55:41 -0800] ProcessIPPRequest: 10 status_code=0
D [25/Jan/2005:14:55:41 -0800] CloseClient: 10

I didn't see anything on how to force the socket backend to be more
verbose in logging things - could be I'm just not looking in the wrong

If any more information is needed, please let me know.  I didn't want
to make this too verbose.

Thanks in advance,

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