[cups.general] MAC OSX PRINTING

Daniel Hawker Daniel.Hawker at animal.co.uk
Wed Jan 26 01:57:02 PST 2005


Not at an OSX machine at the moment, but the version of CUPS on OSX
(after 10.3.something) includes Gimp-Print which has loads of drivers,
most of which aren't *native* OSX ones as CUPS can utilise lots of
*foreign* ppds. You should be able to find something for these 2, esp
the LaserJet (The generic LaserJet one will output something, although
you won't be able to adjust the individual settings for that model, like
paper trays).

Use the standard Printer Setup app, setup as normal and then *choose*
the driver from the list, rather than getting it to *Auto choose* it.
You should be able to get *something* to work.


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> I have two printers on my PC/Mac network that do not have 
> factory drivers for OS 10.3.7: HP LASERJET 6L and Epson 
> Stylus Scan 2500. How can I print from my iMac Blueberry
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> Jim
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