CUPS windows driver doesnt work

anonymous yliu0131 at
Wed Jan 26 10:08:06 PST 2005

I have CUPS 1.1.23 on Suse 9.1. I want to config CUPS for driver download 
and share the printer to windows XP client.

cupsaddsmb is successful, when I check /etc/samba/drivers, it lists the 
following files.
cupsdrvr.dll, cups.hlp, cupsui.dll and the ppd for my printer

>From Windows XP client, driver install also successful. (verified from 
log.smbd, those four files are copied)
Did a search in winXP, those four files are found in 
There's also a file called cups.GID in that directory.

Everything looks fine but when I tries to print, select the printer on 
linux, the print button is greyed out.
When I tried to select printer properties, it says no printer driver, it 
will start add printer wizard.

Any tips?


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