Can CUPS just hand out configs to clients to print directly to printers?

Josh Tolbert josht at
Thu Jan 27 09:18:32 PST 2005

I have a CUPS server at work. What I'd like it to do is hand out configs for all the other CUPS machines here so those machines can print to the printers directly instead of printing through the CUPS server.

Why would we want to do this? We're only dedicating one machine to the CUPS "server" job. If that machine disappears for a while, the clients should be able to continue to print. I know I'll have to change some of the timeouts on the clients to handle the potential disappearance of the CUPS server, but that's not a problem.

It's been suggested that we run a second CUPS server. I'd be ok with that, however others seem to think that "one should be enough."

We're using FC2 for the CUPS "server" and most of the clients. The version of CUPS is 1.1.20.

So, is there any way to do things like we want? Thanks for any suggestions.


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