Performance with large printer database

Patrick Spinler pspinler at
Thu Jan 27 11:45:59 PST 2005


I'm attempting to run a 4 node cups server cluster, cups 1.1.23-1 on 
redhat enterprise 3.

Our printer database is currently about 6000 definitions long.  This is 
identical on each of the servers.

On the servers, lpstat -a returns a list of all 6000 servers in about 8 
seconds.   A wget of the cups admin printer list page returns in about 
the same amount of time (although mozilla takes about a minute to parse 
and display that page. :-)  ).

As a test, I've set up a solaris 8 and a linux FC2 client, each running 
a cups-1.1.23 package, with 4 BrowsePoll directives in each client's 
cupsd.conf, one BrowsePoll for each of the print servers.

what I am finding is that when I start the cups daemon on the client, it 
immediately shoots to near %100 of the cpu, and stays there for hours 
and hours.  during this time, it is wholely unresponsive to any request. 
  For instance, I can't do a lpstat, or lpr, or anything, on the client. 
  any such command simply hangs.

Please advise me.  What, if anything, can I do?

-- Pat

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