[cups.general] SOLVED: printer switch not working with cups [was:

ekkard gerlach jack at aiai.de
Thu Jan 27 13:13:02 PST 2005

ekkard gerlach wrote:

> I updated to 1.1.22 but no success: the printer HP laser III even stopps 
> in the middle of a job, even in the middle of a sheed of paper and 
> requeues. It's worse that before. I downgraded to 1.1.8.  immedeately. I 
> give back Digitus DN-11002 to the seller. It's not working with CUPS.

A hint in NG de.comp....linux was wonderful: timeout! CUPS has
a KeepAliveTimeout  in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf  , default 60sec.
The digitus DN-11002  seems not to send signals "I'm printing .."
to the PC so that every minute the job is requeued. I increased
to 500sec a two tests with 20 pages were successfull so far.

Perhaps some specialists here can explain this phanomen.


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