[cups.general] smb+HP/usb in Fedora1 hell

rsalles rsalles at rsnetservices.com.br
Fri Jan 28 19:43:05 PST 2005

Does anybody came across with this setup and had success?
I'm trying to play with raw/hpijs and there is no way to print via network 
printer share. And - worst - the logs are showing almost nothing - even 
increasing to debug2. I want - at least - isolate the problem: is it in 
smb daemon? In cups? In a broken driver? My print job via hpijs direct 
from linux host goes like a charm, but with XP i have nothing...

If someone could ...


Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely
unintentional side effect.

                          --- Linus Torvalds

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