SAMSUNG ML-1740 + FC3 x86_64 (athlon 64)

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Sat Jan 29 19:17:11 PST 2005

On a i386 AMD 600 box with a USB Samsung ML-1740 printer, the drivers from
Samsung and their install software (linux-config) worked great on RH9 and
FC1.  No problems.

On FC3 if the printer was off at boot time forget it.  Udev would remove
the device driver and CUPS got its knickers in a knot, never forgave me
unless I served penance by reloading FC3 from scratch.  Even RH says
Fedora is unstable.  No surprise but disappointment it did not work as
expected.   The work around was to reload FC3 and NEVER turn the printer

Enter an Athlon-64.  Loading FC3 x86_64, the CUPS drivers from Samsung
won't install since the Samsung install script looks for glibc 2.0 or 2.1.
FC3 x86_64 uses glibc 2.3.  The Samsumg drivers don't

The Samsung install has a file, ppd/C/ML-1740spl2.ppd.  Can I hand install
this file?

Any thoughts or work around suggestions?


gblair _at_ sympatico _dot_ ca

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