[cups.general] cupsd.conf and authentication

marc at arctic.net marc at arctic.net
Mon Jan 31 09:31:47 PST 2005

Very strange..... as it turns out the machine we started
working on in fact lists AuthenticationAUthority as ;basic, 
but we still have no success.  I am still concerned that cups
is not reading the proper files.  The Mac docs indicate that
the OS no longer relies on /etc/password and /etc/groups. 
Where does cups look for user and group info and is that the
same place the gui maintains it?  We manage the hosts via
ladmin, but that does not seem to in the system group (in fact
I have my doubts as to whether cupsd.conf even identifies the
correct System group. Is there a Mac OS X specific howto
somwhere about how to configure SyetemGroup etc so that sups
correctly reads users and groups.

>>---- Original message ----
>>>Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 18:54:08 -0600
>>>From: Matt Broughton <walterwego at macosx.com>
>>>This is a known issue where CUPS can't gain access to
>>passwords for
>>>many or most users in 10.3.x.  There is an article at
>>><http://www.cups.org/articles.php?L191> that explains the
>>problem in
>>>more detail.  I have a "down and dirty" patch for this on
>>site at
>Matt Broughton

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