IPP_GET_JOBS/cupsDoRequest() problems

Alan Somers soNmOeSrPsAaMm at comcast.net.invalid
Mon Jan 3 09:42:01 PST 2005

Michael Sweet wrote:
> Alan Somers wrote:
> > Follow-up: It's definitely something in the network interface because
> > I can copy the app to the remote server and run it there and it picks
> > up all of the jobs (now local) every time.  Are there any network
> > parameters that I can set to fix this or is it a flaw in the CUPS
> > implementation?
> AFAIK, the CUPS API currently handles all network errors by retrying
> or aborting as appropriate.  Any hard network errors are usually
> mapped to IPP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE - check httpError() for the low-
> level socket error code (use strerror() to display a human-readable
> error message).
> More than likely you are running into an unrecoverable network error.
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Thanks for the reply, Michael.  I've discovered something truly weird in the meantime: If I link with cups library statically (libcups.a) instead of dynamically (libcups.dylib), the job retrieval works flawlessly.

Unless you have any ideas as to what might be causing the static/dynamic linking discrepancy or suggestions for fixing it, I'll head on over to the Apple mailing lists and see if I can get assistance there.  I'm not totally averse to the idea of using static linking, but it would be nice to get the latest bugfixes/enhancements automatically without having to rebuilt the app.

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