cupsJobTicket: copies doesn't work

Anssi Kolehmainen anssi.kolehmainen at
Wed Jan 5 00:11:02 PST 2005


When I try to print multiple copies from Windows machine using Cups driver it doesn't print multiple copies unless I specify it in printer driver advanced settings (Printer Features/Number of Copies).
Number of copies I specify in standard 'Print' dialog doesn't do anything.

It seems like "%cupsJobTicket: copies=2 collate=true" has no effect.

Only thing that matters is:
  %%BeginFeature: *Copies 3
  %% FoomaticRIPOptionSetting: Copies=3
This prints 3 copies just as it should but using it is rather hard.

If I remove 'Copies' options from .ppd file it still doesn't work (prints only one copy).

Printer is HP-LaserJet_2300-Postscript.ppd

Anssi Kolehmainen

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