Execution an application on the CUPS filter.

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Jan 6 19:06:56 PST 2005

rigel111 at naver.com wrote:
> Hi~
> I'd like to execute some application like as safari at CUPS filter with Mac OS X 10.3.
> In this case, can I use the "exec" family? Is it possible?
> What should I do to execute applications?
> I tried to use below code. But it didn't work.
 > ...

You cannot safely open GUI applications directly from a filter.
Aside from not knowing if the job was submitted locally, you have
no permission as the "lp" user to create windows.

If you must do user interaction, run a program when the user logs
in and have it listen for messages from the filter via your favorite
IPC method.

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