Cups server with _lots_ of printer definitions

Patrick Spinler pspinler at
Fri Jan 7 15:30:12 PST 2005


I'm testing cups for our internal use.  As one test, I loaded our cups 
test server platform (a 2cpu 3Ghz P4 with 4gb of ram running redhat 
enterprise 3) with the printcap from one of our solaris LPRng machines.

That's about 5300 printers, btw.

That is, for each entry, I did an "lpadmin -p ..." command, from a script.

I then stopped and restarted the cups daemon.

Now, I attempt a "lpstat -a" command, and the cups daemon process pegs 
the cpu, and appears to hang for several minutes while it processes. 
4:59, on my system.

It's even worse if I try to "manage printers" in the web interface, 
after waiting 15 minutes, I stopped my browser, and had to kill the 
'printers.cgi' process by hand on the server.

How large an installation is practical ?  What, if any, tuning can I do ?

-- Pat

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