[cups.bugs] CUPS 1.1.14/gimp-print 4.2.7 won't print from Acrobat

Lamar lamar at synque.com
Fri Jan 7 18:03:19 PST 2005

    I've an issue where CUPS (1.1.14)/gimp-print (4.2.7) will not print 
from Adobe's Acrobat Reader (5.0.10). When I attempt to print, the Print 
dialog appears, and checking the CUPS Web Interface immediately shows 
the job processing (CPU usage bumps up a bit too), but no output appears 
from the printer (an Epson Stylus C84). Checking the Printer screen on 
the CUPS Web Interface shows /"No pages found!"/. I"ve tried chaging the 
print commnd string under Reader to lp -c, but I get the same (null) 
    I've checked the Internet and found a couple others have the same 
issue, but without a solution. I'm currently forced to run to Windows to 
pring PDF documents!
    Other than this, I've found CUPS/gimp-print to really be an 
impressive work. Epson C84 support under 4.2.7 is sterling - I love 

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