Cups server with _lots_ of printer definitions

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Jan 7 19:14:19 PST 2005

Patrick Spinler wrote:
> Hey:
> I'm testing cups for our internal use.  As one test, I loaded our cups 
> test server platform (a 2cpu 3Ghz P4 with 4gb of ram running redhat 
> enterprise 3) with the printcap from one of our solaris LPRng machines.
> That's about 5300 printers, btw.

What version of CUPS are you using?

> ...
> It's even worse if I try to "manage printers" in the web interface, 
> after waiting 15 minutes, I stopped my browser, and had to kill the 
> 'printers.cgi' process by hand on the server.
> How large an installation is practical ?  What, if any, tuning
 > can I do ?

We have a few customers with 10,000+ printers on a single server.
In your case, there aren't too many things to tune, but the main
issue is which version of CUPS you have - newer versions of CUPS
scale much better.

We don't generally recommend managing printers via the web
interface with that many printers, BTW... :)

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