cupsaddsmb problem

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Sun Jan 9 13:00:57 PST 2005

ago24 wrote:

> i have done all that

That's hard to believe.

The document referenced is very long and detailed. It also has one section named

 * "Installing PostScript Driver Files Manually Using rpcclient"

and a sub-section named

 * "Manual Driver Installation in 15 Steps"

I found both very, very useful. I didnt know them before pipitas hinted to them. Currently I am in the middle of exploring all that wealth of useful tips. I can certainly say that I will be prompted to submit a much, much more detailed problem report than just quoting "DOS code 0x00000042" now.

So if you also have followed all those 15 steps:

 * Why dont you outline the result of each step?
 * Why dont you supply even the very modest info about your CUPS-, Samba- and OS-versions? Why no info about your printer model? The driver/PPD you're trying to install? The relevant debug log extracts?

Your unending loop prompting for root password is because Samba doesnt authenticate your root user properly.

So if you followed all the document you say you followed, you surely have come across the various spots where it explains how you can increase the debug level of "smbclient" and "rpcclient" with the "-d" commandline switch, no?

You should try to at least do that "step number 4" of above quoted "15 steps" manually. Does it authenticate your root user? If not put in an additional "-d 3" or "-d 5" to the commandline to find out why it does not work. But stop pretending you have followed all steps when you clearly havent.


> pipitas wrote:
> > ago24 at wrote:
> >
> > > hello,
> > > i keep get the following result when i try to install cupsdrivers in samba
> > > "...result was DOS code 0x00000042"
> > > and the unending loop for root's password to access localhost via samba
> >
> > Have you set the Samba root password with "smbpasswd -a root"?
> >
> > Have you followed the steps outlined in
> >
> >
> >
> > ?

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