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ray michael r_mikaelo at
Sun Jan 9 19:20:06 PST 2005

hi michael!

i've logged this issue as an str already but there seems to be very
little activity going on in there. anyway i've dug throught the
rastertoimage source and have a few questions for you:

i've noticed that when specifying both the landscape and scaling options
the PageSize parameters get interchanged. this implies that the paper is
to be physically rotated 90 degrees. is this by design the intended
behaviour? this causes the page width (physical paper width) to be
wider than what the printer could support. also, when printing images
whose width is greater than its height, shouldn't  "lpr -o scaling=100
-o landscape" and "lpr -o scaling=100" produce the same output? since
cups would select landscape orientation anyway (auto-orientation).
if they should produce the same output, all paramters (page widht, page
height, cups widht, cups height, etc) should be identical on both cases,

your thoughts would be sincerely appreciated.

many thanks!


Michael Sweet wrote:
> ray michael wrote:
> > hi michael!
> >
> > thanks for the prompt reply. i think i've set the page size properly
> > through the PPD file. for testing purposes, i've tried printing a 11 in
> > x 8.5 in jpeg on a "borderless" paper size. i have entries on my ppd
> > file describing this "borderless" paper size, dimensions, imageable
> > area, etc:
> >    *PageSize BorderlessLetter/Borderless (Letter): "<< /PageSize [612
> >       791] /Orientation 0 >>setpagedevice"
> >
> > now everything comes out fine if i try printing my jpeg image using
> > these options:
> >    lpr -o PageSize=BorderlessLetter -o scaling=100 test.jpg
>  > ...
> Hmm, I can't reproduce this here; can you file a STR at:
> and attach a test image and PPD file that exibits this behavior,
> along with the error_log snippit, etc?
> Thanks!
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