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Michael Sweet mike at
Mon Jan 10 08:06:33 PST 2005

ray michael wrote:
> hi michael!
> i've logged this issue as an str already but there seems to be very
> little activity going on in there. anyway i've dug throught the
> rastertoimage source and have a few questions for you:
> i've noticed that when specifying both the landscape and scaling options
> the PageSize parameters get interchanged. this implies that the paper is
> to be physically rotated 90 degrees. is this by design the intended

No, actually that is just used to compute the image size - the
image data itself is rotated by the scaling code, so the cupsWidth
and cupsHeight in the output data will be the portrait orientation.

The only time we override the width and height is when printing
using a custom size, in which case the custom size sets the maximum
size for the print and the image filter computes the "ideal" size.

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