Landscape not working when using a shared printer

Michael Guntsche anonymous at
Tue Jan 11 14:58:08 PST 2005

Ok, I think I know why I have this problem I just don't know how to fix it.

If I create a file in landscape format with any application on my powerbook a PDF file is created that has the correct format.
BUT when I print to the remote printer, I can see that the Epson backend gets called with orientation-requested set to 4, meaning landscape.
So I think the following is happening.
Cups reads the PDF file converts it and sees, that it is landscape, then it sees orientation-requested=4 and rotates the page.
For testing purposes I called lpr from the command-line on macosX and the page came out correct.
So I think the printing system in MacosX is doing "too much". They save the pdf in the right format PLUS set orientation-requested to 4.

On the other hand rfc2566 says:

Other document formats (such as 'text/plain') do not include the notion of desired orientation within the document data.  In the latter case it is possible for the Printer object to bind the desired orientation to the document data after it has been submitted.  It is expected that a  Printer object would only support "orientations-requested" for some  document formats (e.g., 'text/plain' or 'text/html') but not others (e.g., 'application/postscript').

For me this sounds like that cups can ignore orientation-requested for
application/postscript and application/pdf, but doesn't have to.
Is this correct?


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