ESC commands usage in dot-matrix printer driver

Soju_Varghese Soju_Varghese at
Wed Jan 12 05:16:46 PST 2005


	I want to develop a linux printer driver for dot matrix printer
which uses the ESC/P commands.I am using cups framework for the printer
driver development. From my understanding if I am using the existing 9 pin
Epson linux driver,the following is the flow. pstops ->cupsomatic-> backend.
There is no filter driver(use of ESC commands) using here, It is directly
using the post script and sending it to the printer.
			If I want to develop a 12 wire dot matrix printer
driver,which supports raster printing and also resident font prinitng. For
graphics printing I can take the 9 pin data and convert it to the 12 pin
data. Corresondingly the ESC commands have to be manipulated. I want to know
where I can get hold of this ESC commands (for verical and horizontal
movement of the head)and data so that I can manipulate the way in which I
want. whether I have to look into "rastertoepson.c" provided in the cups and
the ppd files  present.I am looking into and
 Thanks in advance
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