CUPS print a few times and after send error

Anonymous anonymous at
Thu Jan 13 20:23:32 PST 2005

Hello every one.

I have a strain problem whit cups, I can print for a few times (always less then 4), and after I start to received the error:
lp: unable to print file: server-error-service-unavailable

I wait for a moment (like 5 min) and after that I can print again.

It looks like a memory problem.

OS: Linux Redhat ES 3.0
Printer: is on a Windows 2000 server
Way to print: smb
Cups Version: 1.1.17-13.3.6
Comment: was working fine, until I changed the IP address of the Linux server.

The configuration is:
<Location /printers/smb_printer>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From All
Allow From
Allow From
AuthType None

hosts       localhost.localdomain   localhost	scbmxfax01

Other problem is that I haven’t access to use http://localhost:631

I’m looking on the web, but I don’t found other error like this one.

Any subjection?

Thank so much.

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