[cups.bugs] Cupsys printer failures: lost jobs

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Sat Jan 15 06:27:17 PST 2005

Tom Allison wrote:

> This is the debug2 level output for a 23 page document that I was
> trying to print.

The log you attached said that foomatic-rip did process all 23 pages
successfully. Rather than looking at CUPS for the culprit, I suspect
that you have a problem with the available memory of your printer.

You dont say which printer model it is.

You dont say how big your printjob was (in kBytes).

You dont say which driver you are using for this printer.

I suspect your printer is a Kyocera-Mita FS-1010.

I suspect this is a PostScript printer.

I see from the log that you are using Foomatic to drive this printer.

I see from the log that your Foomatic revision is

I tell you there are newer versions available (mine is 3.48)

I tell you Foomatic support has to be acquired from Linuxprinting.org
(who authored Foomatic), not from CUPS.org (who dont have any stake in

I recommend you to use for that printer the appropriated "PPD" file
from Kyocera (shipping with the Windows NT driver for that printer)
for CUPS. (Read "man lpadmin" and http://localhost:631/sam.html to
learn how to install the PPD).

foomatic-rip is only of limited use for PostScript printers. Linux distros suck if they by default install a foomatic-PPD for a
PostScript printer. Their maintainers should be flamed for this.

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