[cups.bugs] Cupsys printer failures: lost jobs

Tom Allison tallison at tacocat.net
Sat Jan 15 09:44:15 PST 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> Tom Allison wrote:
>>This is the debug2 level output for a 23 page document that I was
>>trying to print.
> The log you attached said that foomatic-rip did process all 23 pages
> successfully. Rather than looking at CUPS for the culprit, I suspect
> that you have a problem with the available memory of your printer.

Wouldn't the server queue the job pending more memory availability?
Otherwise I would be forever limited by the volume of the printers RAM. 
  I didn't expect this behaviour.  Besides, I have managed to print 100+ 
pages at times, just not all the time.

> You dont say which printer model it is.
> You dont say how big your printjob was (in kBytes).
> You dont say which driver you are using for this printer.
> I suspect your printer is a Kyocera-Mita FS-1010.
> I suspect this is a PostScript printer.
> I see from the log that you are using Foomatic to drive this printer.
> I see from the log that your Foomatic revision is
> I tell you there are newer versions available (mine is 3.48)

Right on all counts.  I don't know for certain how much RAM in onboard.

> I tell you Foomatic support has to be acquired from Linuxprinting.org
> (who authored Foomatic), not from CUPS.org (who dont have any stake in
> Foomatic).
> I recommend you to use for that printer the appropriated "PPD" file
> from Kyocera (shipping with the Windows NT driver for that printer)
> for CUPS. (Read "man lpadmin" and http://localhost:631/sam.html to
> learn how to install the PPD).
> foomatic-rip is only of limited use for PostScript printers. Linux distros suck if they by default install a foomatic-PPD for a
> PostScript printer. Their maintainers should be flamed for this.

Thank you for the information.  I'll look into the foomatic 
configuration for this.

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