[cups.bugs] CUPS 1.1.14/gimp-print 4.2.7 won't print from Acrobat

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Tue Jan 18 05:14:56 PST 2005

pipitas wrote:
> Lamar wrote:
> > All,
> >     I've an issue where CUPS (1.1.14)
> You could also change your $SUJECT to
>   "3 year old CUPS won't print documents from 3 weeks old Acrobat!"
> Please read this document first:
>    http://www.cups.org/relnotes.php
> to decide wether you really want to stay on a CUPS version that is almost
> 3 years old.
> If you dont have the time to read this link (I could fully understand
> that :->  ), please try to count the items enumerated there.
> If you're guess is similar to mine, you'd say "around 1200", roughly half
> of these since 1.1.14 was releaed. Ask yourself if you want to go on and
> live/work without 600+ bug-fixes provided, features added, enhancements
> developed, security-issues resolved by continuing to use 1.1.14?
> If you say, "I'll rather stay with 1.1.14" you are throwing away the last
> 3 years of wonderfull work the CUPS developers have provided for you for
> free, and whose first 3 years you praised as "impressive" in your posting
> too.    ;-)
> Honestly, I dont think that there is anybody on this list/newsgroup who
> could be motivated to put time and energy into investigating an obscure
> bug that happens on your old system, when they all have newer ones
> themselves.
> For a way to start helping yourself (or help you submitting some more
> meaningful infos with your bug report), have also a look at
>   http://www.cups.org/cups-help.html
> Cheers,
> Kurt  [ who asks himself if Acrobat 5.0.10 was ever released when CUPS
>         1.1.14 was current.... ]
> >     /gimp-print (4.2.7) will not print
> > from Adobe's Acrobat Reader (5.0.10). When I attempt to print, the Print
> > dialog appears, and checking the CUPS Web Interface immediately shows
> > the job processing (CPU usage bumps up a bit too), but no output appears
> > from the printer (an Epson Stylus C84). Checking the Printer screen on
> > the CUPS Web Interface shows /"No pages found!"/. I"ve tried chaging the
> > print commnd string under Reader to lp -c, but I get the same (null)
> > results.
> >     I've checked the Internet and found a couple others have the same
> > issue, but without a solution. I'm currently forced to run to Windows to
> > pring PDF documents!
> >     Other than this, I've found CUPS/gimp-print to really be an
> > impressive work. Epson C84 support under 4.2.7 is sterling - I love
> > escputil!
> >
> > Lamar

     Thanks for your prompt reply, although because I was not fully familiar with the Support framework it took me sometime to find out there was a reply. Up until this point I was relying on intensive Google searches and LinuxPrinting.org, but now I am aware of this interface, the email digest from the CUPS mailing lists, and the additional CUPS Support resources you supplied.
     As we speak, I'm dutifully compiling CUPS 1.1.23. I was fully unaware that it existed, I suppose I'm a bit **embarrassed** about that (with 1.1.14 being three years old and whatnot). My only (weak) excuse is that I'm used to some text about what is the latest stable/development version for a project, and if that exists, I didn't see it. In fact, was about to try the CUPS 1.2 branch, but saw some 'devel' tags there and shied away. Also, I obtained and downloaded the latest versions of gimp-print and Reader when I experienced this issue - I simply failed to do so with the last (or first, depending on your view)  component, CUPS.
     Obviously, I do NOT expect for anyone to expend effort on a aged version of the software, as I was fully unaware of the newer CUPS versions. I look forward to getting up on 1.1.23 and enjoying three years of progress! Thanks.


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