imagetoraster cuts height in half (CUPS 1.1.18)

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Jan 21 10:42:18 PST 2005

Brion Finlay wrote:
> I am trying to print an image (GIF or PNG) to a CUPS printer.  The image 
> is 300 pixels by 420 pixels at 200 dpi.
> My PPD for my printer specifies a page size of 312x425 points (it's a 
> small printer) and an imageable area of 294x413 points.  At 200dpi, that 
> should give me about 830 dots x 1166 dots.
> When I send my image through cups, it goes through the imagetoraster 
> filter, it cuts the height in half.  cupsWidth=828 which is acceptable, 
> but cupsHeight=573, which is approximately half of the 1166 dots that I 
> should have.
 > ...

What HWResolution values are coming through to your raster filter?

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