Remote Printer did'nt print via lpr

k.zschaler at k.zschaler at
Thu Jan 27 03:13:05 PST 2005

Dear group,

I want to print to a printer, which isn't connected to the LAN every time. My idea is the users should print to the cups queue and everytime the printer is connected (via a vpn connection) to the cups server, the print jobs will be send automatically to the lpr printer. Sometimes it is working in this way. But most not. Maybe I'am wrong doing this in this way. But please help me to solve the problem or tell me how I should configure the cups server or the lpr printer.

Btw. the lpr printer is connected to a w2k box.

"Remote host did not accept control file (98)"
Device URI: lpd://

>From the cups error log:

I [27/Jan/2005:11:25:03 +0100] Sending control file (71 bytes)
E [27/Jan/2005:11:25:03 +0100] Remote host did not accept control file (98)
E [27/Jan/2005:11:25:03 +0100] PID 12391 stopped with status 98!

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