Printing from linux CUPS (slack 10-current, cups 1.1.23) to a Linksys 4-port switch w/ USB Print Server (PSUS4)

yanger yanger at
Fri Jan 28 17:07:35 PST 2005

I've been having some trouble for a few days now, I bought this Linksys PSUS4 Print Server and I've been having some small issues..

when I try to print from a Linux workstation (CUPS 1.1.23, slack 10-current, oh, printing a test page from cups, and text from kwrite)  to the print server, it does 1 of the 2:

  1) the printer responds and starts printing, but stops at the middle of the print and waits... (it's blinking)
  2) the printer spits a blank sheet, starts printing on the next sheet, and at the near end of the job, it waits...

also noted with both issues, that the print server almost seems to of gone offline (pinging the server yields 100% packet loss, etc) and to recover from this issue, a reset (or unplug) of the print server is required to re-sync the server.

also, when printing from a Windows XP machine (using LPR) it prints with no issues at all.

the printer connected is my Epson Stylus C60, usb connected

i am also selecting that printer as my CUPS printer...

help? :)

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