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Mon Jan 31 16:29:37 PST 2005

I'm very new to this forum and have been trying for quite a while to use some information in a Macworld Dec 2004 issue. I am using OS 10.3.7 In the Cool Geek Tricks section it goes over how to ressurect previously printed jobs by editing the cups file. I have done everything it states in the following long drawn out article:

The first thing you need to know is that a piece of Unix software called CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) controls printing in OS X. CUPS includes an option that lets you save and reprint previously printed documents (print jobs). Here’s how:

Edit the CUPS File To enable the option, you have to access and edit a file named cupsd.conf (save a copy of the original). Select the Go To Folder command from the Finder’s File menu and type /etc/cups . Locate the cupsd.conf file.

If you have Bare Bones Software’s $49 TextWrangler or $179 BBEdit, you can open the file by dragging it to the application icon. If you’re using TextEdit, get Brian R. Hill’s $15 utility Pseudo and drag the TextEdit icon to its icon. This opens TextEdit with root access, which you need in order to save the edited file. (BBEdit and TextWrangler have this ability built in.)

Next, locate the following text in the document: #PreserveJobFiles No.

Change No to Yes and delete the pound symbol (# ) at the start of this line. This tells the CUPS software to save print jobs and to treat the line as an active instruction rather than as a comment to be ignored.

Now locate #MaxJobs 500.

Change the line so it reads MaxJobs 50. (Again, you are deleting the pound symbol.) You don’t have to reduce the number, but your hard drive will thank you. Finally, save these changes. If you opened TextEdit using Pseudo, the document should save directly. If you’re using BBEdit or TextWrangler, OS X will ask for your password.

Find a Saved Job Your next step is to figure out how to locate and reprint a specific saved job. To access the Web-based interface for the CUPS printing software, launch Safari (or your preferred browser) and type the following URL in the address field: http://localhost:631.

Select Do Administration Tasks. If you’re using OS X 10.3.4 or later, a sheet will drop down asking you to fill in your name and password. Do so and click on the Log In button. You now have administrative access to the CUPS software.

Click on the Manage Jobs button. In the screen that appears, click on the Show Completed Jobs button. To see your most-recent print jobs, scroll to the bottom of the window that appears. To reprint a job, click on the Restart Job button next to its name.

Password Hassles If after you click on the Restart Job button, CUPS rejects your correct password, you may be mired in a Panther problem. Panther uses a new form of password encryption that CUPS can’t decrypt. That’s a problem if you created a brand-new user account in Panther and you’re running OS X 10.3.4 or later.

Apple intends to fix this; in the meantime, you can delete the section of the cupsd.conf file that requires the password. Your Mac will be less secure, but you’ll be able to use the feature. Locate the following lines near the end of the cupsd file:

<Limit GET>
AuthType Basic
AuthClass System

Still I get the error:


anybody know what the deal is?

I can't figure it out, any help would be greatly apprecited, thanks

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