question about CUPS with Linux-Windows

raminro19 at raminro19 at
Thu Sep 1 05:00:06 PDT 2005

I have a question to do. I have two printers, a HP 3535 and a HP 670C. These printers are connected directly to one computer having Windows 98 and in the same room there are 13 other computer having Windows 98. All these machines have a domain controller that has a Fedora Linux, where is intalled samba and cups.

My question is:  how must I configure the windows clients to direct properly to the cups manager?.  Particularly, how must configure the driver controller of these windows clients (because de HP 3535 and HP 670C have different controllers clearly).

I have tested to print to any of the printers from the Fedora Linux machine, and is working ok.  But when I try to print from a Windows machine, and I previously set the driver to HP 3535, the prints in HP 3535 is working ok but the prints on HP 670 C no.

I will be very grateful if anybody can answer me or redirect me to an article explaining how to configure the machines in relation to solve my problem.


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