[cups.general] need recommendations for printer

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Sun Sep 4 08:20:29 PDT 2005

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Have you followed these instructions:
> http://solutions.brother.com/linux/sol/printer/linux/cups_ps_install.html
not exactly.  I did as far as I could before running into ubuntuisms
which forced me into gnome printer manager for printer selection.  I
will go undo what I need to to get the cups printer web interface to
work again and let folks know what I did..

fyi, when updating my wife's system to handle all sorts of video sources
like cnn, the update added new sources of debian files.  in the process,
it updates cups (apparently) and brought with it a boatload of 5170 ppd
ppd that are not visible in the gui.   This version prints the test
sheet but not the webpage of "get fuzzy".  it triggers the same problem
which is making the printer lock up and recovey is power cycling.

note, there may be a problem in cups but no device should lockup no
matter what the input.  error aborts are ok but lockups, never.

> If yes, can you post the output of
> cupstestppd <Brother's PPD for your printer>

esj at rufus:~$ cupstestppd /etc/cups/ppd/HL-5170DN-BR-Script3.ppd
/etc/cups/ppd/HL-5170DN-BR-Script3.ppd: PASS
esj at rufus:~$

> Can you make the PPD available to us (do not post on the list, better
>  put on some web space and post a link)?

yes, it is from the brother cd lm2861001 ver c  give me a bit.  I need 
to set up the server for harvee.org.

--- eric

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