[cups.general] need recommendations for printer

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Sun Sep 4 17:32:22 PDT 2005

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Thanks. The PPD is OK. It passes the "cupstestppd" test. It also shows 
> that your printer understands PostScript, "BRScript" is the name of 
> Brother's PostScript interpreter.
> So from the driver side your printer should not be a problem. It should 
> simply work.
> Did you follow Brother's instructions from the link which I have posted?

as I stated in an earlier post, not exactly.  I will spend some time 
tomorrow untangling the ubuntu/gnome tools from cups and see if 
reinstalling has any effect.

> What is the problem with this printer?

I print from windows with a brother driver, it all works fine.  I can 
print up to a hundred page draft manuscript no problems.

Printing from Linux using ipp and their PPD file, a single web page 
locks up the printer.  Complete and total lockup of network interface 
and buttons on the front panel.  Power cycle is required before printer 
is usable in any way shape or form.  I have spent much time on the phone 
with brother technical support, had the printer swapped out once (they 
behaved identically), I have added the maximum amount of memory possible 
in case it was a buffer overflow problem (brother suggestion).

> If you do not get it to run on the network, did you try it also on USB?

no I haven't.  I was hoping to avoid that rat hole because it forces me 
to confront a larger (much much larger) rat hole called Samba.

I appreciate the help.  I have been doing virtually everything asked of 
me by various people to try and make this work and I'm going on about a 
month now of problems with this printer.

--- eric

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