Report errors and problems back to Windows clients

Christoph Litauer litauer at
Mon Sep 5 06:19:57 PDT 2005

Florian Effenberger schrieb:
> Hi there,
> my CUPS server runs fine, I can print from within Windows and Linux. However, if I stop the printer in CUPS or some other error occurs, Windows clients never get notified, neither via IPP nor via SMB printing. Windows always sends out the print job, the user thinks the job has been print, although some problem might have happened on the CUPS server.
> Is it possible to report errors and problems back to Windows clients? Like having Windows giving out a printer error when the CUPS server can't print? Must be something like "don't spool and forget about the job, but instead wait from CUPS reply".
> Is something like that possible?

Hi Florian,

if you print via samba you can do the following:

Define a custom "print command" in your samba configuration smb.conf, e.g.:
 print command = /etc/samba/bin/print %p %s %u %m %M %I %c "%J"; rm %s

This print script prints the document and checks the return code. If
failing, the resulting error message is sent via sambas "smbclient -M"
to the windows client (%I). If that fails (no windows messaging service
running or firewall enabled), the error message is sent per mail to %u.

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