Photo printing Epson 2100 roll paper Suse

Anonymous anonymous at
Wed Sep 7 12:56:34 PDT 2005

I have looked at the headers but do not see my problem listed.
I am running SuSe 9.2 with the latest Cups server and Gimp-Print foomatic drivers as recomended.

I can get general printing to work and the test page on A4 prints fine, including the photo.

When I select Epson Photo paper and roll cut page and change the size paper to 4x6 I get strange results.

I am unable to change these settings directly in CUPS, something I can sort by creating me as a user in lpadmin ( I saw this here in other threads and tried it) I was then able to administer the CUPS but it all went worse a lot worse, no pictures would print and only garbage came out. Probably mucked up the settings so reinstalled packages. Fixed.

On the roll paper the printer does not correctly adjust the size of the print out but distributes the photo in original size in 4x6 chunks i.e. using a lot of paper. (You get the Top left corner first then the area either to the right of or down below this).

If I print a JPEG file from GIMP then the picture is correctly adjusted but the paper is cut with inches to spare on either side of the print. Obviously this wastes paper as well.

Any help will be appreciated.

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