printing from windows to cups pdf printer via samba

Sylwester Kluz anonymous at
Thu Sep 8 03:20:50 PDT 2005

> Hmm, AFAIK should you use a Postscript Printer Driver on Windows Site
> (and HP LJ 1100 isn't a Postscript Printer,or is it?).
> So what happen's when you use a HP Design Jet 2500 PS3 (or other HP
> Printers with "PS" appends) ?
> Greetings
> Thomas

It works fine now :)

But anyway it had worked before with LJ 1100 on windows and linux side (virtual pdf on linux side).

Another question is this: is there a possibility to place the created pdfs to a selected directory?
for now all of them go to my ~/ directory which is a bit inconveniant - i'd like to put them all into ~/cups-pdf but don't know how... :(

Sylwester Kluz

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