[cups.general] newb needs help with cups

Matt Hull mhull1 at uic.edu
Thu Sep 8 12:22:15 PDT 2005

check the log files, it should say way its denying it.  if not then google
or find out about log info.  maybe you have to increase the log info.

i was messing with the user name and password stuff a while ago and gave
up.  cups doesnt work well with client and server users with passwords.
kind like the nfs issue, only works on a trusted network.

i had a folder in /etc/cups/pam or something after i switched back and it
was messing it up, could not log in and had to remove or somethink like


On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 jfischer at conelec.com wrote:

> Just so you know how new i am i dont know the cups password. i pull up the  localhost:631 interface and when i try to do anything it says i need a CUPS username and password. i tried to change the cupsys account pword but it keeps changing back. i also tried other accounts like root and so forth. HELP!!!
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