print to samba printer without specifying password in advance

Anonymous anonymous at
Thu Sep 8 13:05:28 PDT 2005

use domain authentication - your samba box needs to be part of your domain or ad.

> Hi there,
> Is there a way to set up printing to a samba-shared printer in CUPS
> without having to specify a username and password combination in advance?
> e.g. to print to our samba-shared printers, the need to be installed in
> this way in CUPS:
> smb://username:password@DOMAIN/samba.server/printername
> - omitting the password, or both the username and password, results in
> printing failing with authorisation errors - it doesn't prompt for the
> missing information.
> The main problem with embedding the username and password in the URI, is
> that this password is written, in clear-text, in printers.conf, and is
> therefore readable by anyone with root permission on that machine (and
> on a Mac, readable by anybody with admin permissions).  This is a
> horrible security whole and something I'd like to prevent our users from
> doing.
> However, there doesn't seem to be any other way to print to a
> samba-shared printer, where the samba share requires authorisation.  Is
> this true, or am I missing something?
> Thanks in advance
> Toby Blake
> University of Edinburgh

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