[cups.general] Printing JPEG image:failure

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Sat Sep 10 05:05:48 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> When printing a JPEG RGB image,A4 format,600dpi,approximately
> 3 Megabytes,both cartridges in place,the printer did not
> respond.I did:
> lp -o Quality=600PhotoCMYK -o media=A4 -o scaling=100 image.jpg
> the error log shows:
> ..
> 16:15:16 Job 17 queued on MyDeskJet by "user"
> ..
> 16:15:16 Started filter /usb/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip \
>          (PID 2419) for job 17
> ..
> 16:20:52 PID 2419 stopped with status 3!
> NOTE: The same file but in Grayscale JPEG,1,4 Megabytes,
> printed correctly with
> lp -o Quality=600GrayscaleK -o media=A4 -o scaling=100 gray.jpg
> lpoptions -l gave 600PhotoCMYK as available mode.

Check whether your hard disk is near full and so CUPS could perhaps 
create a 1.4 MB temporary file but not a 3 MB one.

Another thing is that most crashes of foomatic-rip happen because there 
is a problem with GhostScript. So edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and set the 
"LogLevel" to "debug". Then restart CUPS and start the job again. Now 
you should be able to find a lot of output of foomatic-rip in the 
error_log file, especially the GhostScript command line and the output 
of GhostScript.


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