[cups.general] need recommendations for printer

Eric S. JOhansson esj at harvee.org
Sun Sep 11 10:28:07 PDT 2005

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Thanks. The PPD is OK. It passes the "cupstestppd" test. It also shows 
> that your printer understands PostScript, "BRScript" is the name of 
> Brother's PostScript interpreter.
> So from the driver side your printer should not be a problem. It should 
> simply work.
> Did you follow Brother's instructions from the link which I have posted?

apologies for the delay but I finally did as you requested.  I deleted 
the printer and reinstalled following the instructions you posted. 
There was no difference in behavior.  It will print a small page fine 
but anything larger (image rich web page) causes the printer to lock up.

also as you requested, I tried the USB interface and a like the network 
interface, it failed exactly the same way.  It can print a test sheet 
but it fails printing a larger document.

I ran ethereal and it had a tcp window full message on the last packet 
sent.  the raw data is at: http://harvee.org/test/ipp_capture  3.3 mb

next suggestions?

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