Allow Anonymous

Luciano Giacchetta lgiacchetta at
Mon Sep 12 10:20:18 PDT 2005


One cuestion, i need each user on windows system can cancel your jobs. Now,
nobody can do that.
This is de error...
cancel_job: "anonymous" not authorized to delete job id 24447 owned by

I found on internet some tips for this problems.. but nothing else.
I put in my cupsd.conf

<Location /jobs>
AuthType Basic
AuthClass Anonymous
#AuthClass User
#AuthClass Group
#AuthGroupName sys
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from All
Allow from

Too, i create an user called  anonymous into sys group whith lppasswd.
An uncomment
#AuthClass User
#AuthClass Group
#AuthGroupName sys

But, nothing...

If someone have the anonymous enable for cancel jobs, please help me...:P



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