[cups.general] cups -> printer server

Dragos dragos at mpigani.org
Mon Sep 12 13:01:33 PDT 2005

I use Mandriva LE2005. My printer is a Epson R800 plugged into a DP-G321 
D-Link printer server.
I have installed the Epson drivers successfully (I think) and am able to 
print the test page...
I am also able to print from my XP Pro PC so the hardware should be fine.

My problem is that I can only print the test page. No other software 
(Firefox, Openoffice, Gimp,...) is able to print.
Mandriva's Print Control Panel is blanc when I access it, so any printer 
config is done through localhost:631.
When I start a print, there are no Jobs showing on the Cups' Jobs page.
lpstat -p says that it cannot connect to the server
And last, but not least, I have to manually start the server after each 
reboot, as for some reason the Services applet does not save the "Start 
at boot" option for Cups.

It is a very strange problem I hope somebody will be able to help me with.
Thank you for your time.


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