printing text files to Windows IPP server via a raw queue

James Tsuruta jtsuruta at
Mon Sep 12 16:19:45 PDT 2005


I have a problem in CUPS when I try to print a series of small jobs in succession to a Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP Pro box configured for Internet Printing (based on IIS).  We need to be printing small files to a remote device at about 1 file per second.

  + printing to raw print queue
  + using ipp backend on RH9 or RHES3
  + target IPP server is Win32
  + files printed have .prn extension

What happens:
  - send job to printer (e.g.  lpr -Pipptextprinter XXX.prn)
  - Win32 IPP server prints file without a problem
  - CUPS ipp backend waits (for job status from Win32 IPP server?)
  - 10 seconds later, lpstat reports "client-error-not-possible".

In CUPS 1.1.17, the next job in the queue is printed even if the printer is in this "client-error-not-possible" state.

In CUPS 1.1.23, the printer stays in the "client-error-not-possible" state until there is user intervention.

In CUPS 1.1.23, there is an option for "waitjob=no" which tells the CUPS ipp backend to *not* wait for the job-status, but I am thinking there must be a proper way to fix this since I do not have this problem when printing to the Win32 IPP server when using a Postscript queue instead of a raw queue.

Another workaround would be to stick with 1.1.17 and make re-compile the source and make the timeout for the job-status to be very short.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
Thanks in advance,
James Tsuruta

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