Allow printer management (start/stop) and only that.

Anonymous anonymous at
Wed Sep 14 00:16:50 PDT 2005

Thanks for your suggestion.

CUPS is running on HP-UX 11.11 and I am accessing the CUPS-GUI through the webbrowser of my client. So accessing the GUI is not a problem. It's more about limiting the administrive access to the different functions of CUPS.
For example I to not want the operating staff to be able to modify or delete printers, but they should be able to restart a stopped printer.

I know, I can allow/deny quite a lot by changing the cupsd.conf, but still it seems to me that I can only allow or deny administrive tasks in general and not specific tasks as mentioned above.

Any other suggestions? Thanks...

> try for webbrowser localhost:631 or kjobviewer.... sorry maybe i'm late :D

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