Printing from remote "unfriendly" system

davidg at davidg at
Wed Sep 14 15:45:19 PDT 2005

I have a system that uses CUPS.  Local printing works fine, and I use cups-lpd so printing from a remote client that uses lpd works, provided that I set up /etc/printcap on the remote client correctly.  But, I have to be able to print from a remote client that I have no control over so I can't change the configuration files.  The remote system uses CUPS.  Is there a way to print from the remote system to my system without touching anything in /etc?
Previously the remote system used LPRng, and I could do
lpr -P at myhost.mydomain
to print to my default printer, but that doesn't work now.  I don't know if that was specific to LPRng, but it seemed to stop working when the remote system changed from LPRng to CUPS.

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