More than one cups server on same host

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Sep 14 17:42:33 PDT 2005

dgpanch at wrote:
> Hi,
>    Is it possible to run more than one cups server on same host. I mean just the way we can run more than one webserver on same server? I want to run two separate cups server who has its own spooler and logs using one /etc/cups/cupsd.conf. Can i do this by defining virtual server like this?
> #2nd cups server in cupsd.conf
> <VirtualHost *:80>
>         ServerName
>         DocumentRoot /usr/share/doc/cups-1.1.17
>         ErrorLog /var/log/cups2/error_log
>         PageLog /var/log/cups2/page_log
>         RequestRoot /var/spool/cups2
> </VirtualHost>
> Will cups support it?

No, not like that.  You'll want to setup a second configuration
directory that binds to other addresses.

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