Configure Printer via CUPS WEB

Enrico Pelletta enrico at
Thu Sep 15 05:19:55 PDT 2005


I'm trying to configure a CUPS printer server on Debian 3.1 using CUPS form Debian Packages (1.1.23-10).

I have managed to make the system working and to install via web interface a couple of printers. However I cannot make any detailed printer configuration. if I select the option "Configure Printer" of a printer available into the printers page I get the error message:



This happen for any printer/driver I try to use.

I parsed the logs (I configured Debug2 level logs) without getting any tips... I cut & paste at the botton of the message the log part I consider more interesting.

Inside documentation and via google I have not found any good tips about how to solve this problem.

Any help will be really welcome!


d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] copy_attribute(0x81d5308, 0x80aae00[number-up-default,4,21])
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] copy_attribute(0x81d5308, 0x80b1f90[orientation-requested-supported,4,23])
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] copy_attribute(0x81d5308, 0x80aacd8[orientation-requested-default,4,23])
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] copy_attribute(0x81d5308, 0x80b2050[job-hold-until-supported,4,44])
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] copy_attribute(0x81d5308, 0x80a5488[job-hold-until-default,4,44])
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] copy_attribute(0x81d5308, 0x80b21c8[job-sheets-supported,4,42])
D [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] ProcessIPPRequest: 12 status_code=0
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] ProcessIPPRequest: Adding fd 12 to OutputSet...
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] WriteClient: Removing fd 12 from OutputSet...
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] ReadClient: 10, used=0, file=-1
d [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] ReadClient: httpGets returned EOF...
D [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] CloseClient: 10
I [08/Sep/2005:11:50:45 +0200] CloseClient: SSL shutdown successful!

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