[cups.general] Problems with windows clients (no comprehensible logoutput)

Axel Schwarzer shw at schwarzer.d.uunet.de
Fri Sep 16 11:38:45 PDT 2005

Moritz Böhme NETFORMIC wrote:
> Hello list,
> We´ve got a problem with the following setup:
> Fedora Core 3
> Cups 1.1.22
> HP Deskjet 9800 on a DLINK Printserver connected to cups via lpd (driver:
> raw)
> Windows Clients (XP Home, XP Pro, 2000) on the LAN.
> Installing the printer via ipp (http://server:631/printers/Printername)
> works fine on _all_ clients. But on some clients (XP Pro, XP Home, doesn´t
> matter) printing just won´t work ("Document could not be printed"). 
 > ...

Seems to be a Windows problem. I've a bunch of machines working fine and 
others will crash when Outlook prints. Try to address CUPS with lpd.


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