[cups.general] Setting up Basic Authentication with SSL Encryption

Axel Schwarzer shw at schwarzer.d.uunet.de
Fri Sep 16 11:47:20 PDT 2005

Paul Ortman wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> I'm having a fair bit of difficulty getting basic authentication to work
>  between a CUPS print spool server (cups-test) and a CUPS client that is
> running a localhost CUPS server (linux-a).
> ...
> - From the commandline of cups-test lpr and lpstat always prompt for a
> username and password (and seem to work fine), but if I force encryption
> (-E) I get a bad message in the cups-test error_log:
>   E [13/Sep/2005:16:05:00 -0500] Bad request line "^W^C^A" from
>   localhost!
> Furthermore, accessing cups test with a web browser URL like:
>   https://cups-test:631/
> gives a weird error of "The connection to cups-test:631 has terminated
> unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred."  In the debug logs
> of cups-test this shows up:
>   E [13/Sep/2005:15:49:10 -0500] Bad request line "<80>g^A^C" from

Your CUPS server doesn't do SSL! I had the same problem until I realized 
that the directive 'SSLPort 443' in cupsd.conf was missing. The problem 
can also occur with Apache if your SSL configuration is broken.


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