[cups.general] Running pure windows client (no samba) - authentication issue

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Sun Sep 18 23:40:42 PDT 2005

I'd like to organise printing from my windows machines to my linux box
without bothering with samba. I see this little howto:


Which basically says to use an Internet Printing queue with the address:


and to use the windows printer drivers appropriate for the printer.

My problem is "Could not connect to printer. Access is denied"

I have had a look through my /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file and see lots of
access and security directives, but I am not sure what options I need in
order to grant access to my local lan to print, but not compromise other
security features (like configuring cups etc). 

With debug2 turned on the logging looks like this:

d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] AcceptClient(lis=0x8080340) 0 NumClients
= 0
D [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] AcceptClient: 7 from
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] AcceptClient: Adding fd 7 to InputSet...
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] ReadClient: 7, used=0, file=-1
D [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] ReadClient: 7 POST /printers/hp HTTP/1.1
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] decode_auth(0xb7bb0008): Authorization
string = ""
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] decode_auth: 7 username=""
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] IsAuthorized: con->uri = "/printers/hp"
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] FindBest: uri = "/printers/hp"...
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] FindBest: Location / Limit 7f
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] FindBest: Location /admin Limit 7f
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] FindBest: best = "/"
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] IsAuthorized: auth = 1, satisfy=0...
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] ReadClient: Unauthorized request
for /printers/hp...
D [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] SendError: 7 code=403 (Forbidden)
D [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] CloseClient: 7
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:08 +1200] CloseClient: Removing fd 7 from InputSet
and OutputSet...
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:09 +1200] select_timeout: 3 seconds to send browse
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:12 +1200] select_timeout: 14 seconds to update root
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:26 +1200] DeleteCert: removing certificate for pid
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:26 +1200] AddCert: adding certificate for pid 0
d [19/Sep/2005:18:28:26 +1200] select_timeout: 17 seconds to send browse

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