[cups.general] cups prints DOUBLE of specified copies

Ryan Suarez ryan.suarez at sheridanc.on.ca
Mon Sep 19 10:05:41 PDT 2005

Greetings Admins,

We have an issue where if a user specifies 2 copies on their job, 4 is 
printed and so on.  So cups prints out DOUBLE whatever number of copies 
a user specifies.

Printing directly from the cups server is fine, the correct number of 
copies is printed.  Printing from the cups client directly to the 
printer is also fine, the correct number of copies is printed.  However, 
the problem is printing from the cups client, to the cups server, to the 

I've attached a sample problem jobfile, from the cups server, for your 
The cups server is the default that comes with OSX 10.4:
printserver# lpstat -v oa-e108-e2
device for oa-e108-e2: socket://oa-e108-lext612:9100

and the cups client is also the default that comes with 10.4:
#lpstat -v oa-e108-e2
device for od_oa_e108_e2: ipp://printserver/printers/oa-e108-e2

Does anyone have an idea on what's causing this?


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